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Welcome to the website wholesale flour! Here you will be able online to buy flour wholesale and retail of different varieties. Flour 1 grade in bulk. You are given the opportunity to purchase this product in various quantities and at a low price. Delivery will happen at any place and time convenient for you. Flour has one advantage-it is an incredibly large number of species and varieties. And at the same time, for example, wheat and rice flour is distinguished by its specific taste content, quality and peculiarities of cooking derived dishes. Wheat flour of first grade. The latter is very important. The quality of the dishes that are made from it depends on the quality of flour. Therefore, buying the flour of the desired type and grade, carefully test its quality.

About flour

Flour – the result of grinding crops in a state of powder. Most often, wheat grains are used for grinding flour. Less likely to use corn and barley. Depending on the culture distinguish oat, rye, wheat, oat, corn, rice and others. Wheat flour of the highest grade. Raw materials eventually affect the grade of the resulting flour-the main quality indicator, the final yield of flour. If the output is very large, then the grade of flour is quite low. If the obtained output after the grinding of flour is not as big – it's flour. So explores every 100 kg. of the resulting flour. For example, wheat flour produces six varieties. Flour flax to buy. If to speak about production of various bakery products, as a rule use wheat and rye flour. The first is almost out of competition. Grows in different parts of the globe, and the products obtained from it are tasty and healthy.

Different grade-different gluten

In the production of bread much attention is paid to such an indicator of wheat flour as gluten. Its quantity in flour affects the quality of baked bread. Flour of durum wheat to buy. If the flour is more than 35% gluten – its content is high; less than 20% - low. Established fact in the flour of different varieties of the same grain contains different gluten.

How to store?

You first bought in bulk flour and do not know how to keep it. First of all, this storage space should be well ventilated, light and dry, and clean. Cornmeal with no wheat flour. Usually store flour in bags weighing up to 80 kilograms. What happens to flour if it is stored for a long time? In flour there are a number of changes, if it is stored for a long time. The first thing that changes is the moisture content of flour. This happens together with the change of humidity and temperature in the storage place. GOST wheat flour of the highest grade. Then the rate of acidity of the flour can change. Over time, it rises. With long-term storage, the flour can become whiter, and its gluten becomes even stronger.

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How to buy flour in the right amount?

To order flour wholesale or retail You can place an order online. To do this, select the desired amount of flour, for example, premium, enter your contact details and carefully fill in all fields. To buy flour rye flour wholesale. The site will calculate the size of your discount and show the final price. A flour sales specialist will contact you to confirm your order.

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